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By reliable and efficient German technology, GLARIE freight /car elevator has a convincing performance in the vertical transport of goods.

Features and Benefits
GLARIE freight/car elevator series fully meet the needs of various industries for the building of carriage of goods, the maximum load of up to 5000KG. Maximum opening size of freight elevator is 2200mm, and car elevator is 2800mm. it’s convenient for you to arrange the goods in and out freely, meanwhile, wide car space design can meet your needs of Forklift truck transport of goods, and improve your transport efficiency.
Intelligent control system uses regular self-inspection for elevator usage, in order to prevent elevator fault in advance, provide comprehensive security protection for customers’ every ride.
Support synchronous machine with open loop operation, make the overspeed never happen and utmost to assure the safety of elevator running.
Door operator with advanced VVVF VC can control the speed and torque effectively. Keep monitoring the position and speed of door timely. It’s safe and reliable.
Infra-red multi-beam screen door system forms the infra-red multi-beam screen, which can make response to anyone or anything that close to the door in almost 0.06s, increase higher safety.
Freight elevator structure with special design is steadier,multiple options of car dimension can collocate a variety of security accessories(bumper rail,antiskid plate,thickening processing of car material) freely according to your demand. All of this makes your elevator more durable, freight transport more reliable and safer.